REINERT: Better by nature!

Ideas and Ingredients for innovative Food Solutions.

Improving the colour stabilisation and cohesion of cooked ham, optimising the shelf life and appearance of scalded sausage, stabilising and improving the flavour of salami type sausage, longer fresh-keeping of salad, sauces, ready-to-serve-meals and fish - only a few typical examples of our daily work for the food industry.

The REINERT Gruppe offers natural Solutions for the Food Industry.

For more than 70 years, our company is among the leading European specialists for food additives and gelatin – with exclusive know-how and high-grade natural raw materials, sourced from the best locations.

The benefits for our customers in the food industry are more attractive and safe products as well as more efficient production at the same time.

Our range comprises:





With immediate effect, we are certified to supply hahal-ingredients. more...


Low Sodium Sausage

Since long time, many people have been looking for savory products with reduced sodium content, caused by health reasons.
In the past this was only possible under significant compromises in taste. Now we can present a solution for this issue! more...


Vegetarian Meat Balls/ Burgers

Our company continues to develop special ingredients for the manufacture of high grade products without meat! more...


Declaration-free Freshkeeping Agent Konsamat Neu

With Konsamat Neu (art. 96011-00) we meet the
specific need of the fish industry for a declaration-free and effectice fresh-keeping agent! more...


Vegetarian Sausage (Cold Cut)

Meatless sausage products are the trend and are predicted to stay high in demand in future. more...

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Gelatin is a pure, high-grade protein with a high content of essential amino acids glycin and prolin.



The REINERT Gruppe delivers economically reasonable solutions with the aid of selected functional additives, for all products to meet the consumers' high requirements.



We offer a comprehensive assortment of spice mixtures and spice preparations, decorative spices, spice extracts and seasonings.