Maturing Agents for Meat and Fish Products

Whether for the traditional natural ripening or the modern fast ripening: REINERT offers for the modern sausage and fish production the suitable “specialists” and additives.


For Sausages



  • provides for quick cut resistance
  • achieves fast and stable reddening
  • guarantees for hygienically safe products
  • allows considerably shortened ripening time
  • refines flavour and taste


REINOFIX® RAPID is an universal fast-ripening agent for every kind of raw sausages. Fast ripened raw sausages make a considerable part of the total production of sliceable raw sausages in many countries. Whereas in former times the manufacture of fast ripened raw sausages often lead to unsatisfactory results, today improved ingredients resp. combinations and an exact management of the climatic ripening conditions allow a good and flawless result. The properties of REINOFIX® RAPID are indispensable to achieve that.



  • stabilises the ripening
  • refines flavour and taste
  • accelerates the reddening
  • achieves stable colour
  • reduces the production risk


REINOPUR® is an ingredient for naturally ripened raw sausages. Naturally, over a long period, fermented and dryed raw sausages count to the highest-grade meat products. Their manufacture needs a careful selection of raw materials, sophisticated know-how and particularly matched additives. Specific risks are: delayed and unsufficient reddening, no or reduced sliceability, errors in flavour and rancidity. REINOPUR® verifiably protects against these errors.


For Fish Products

As alternative for people with the focus on particularly healthy nutrition, fish is always highly appreciated. Make use of our lon term experience!


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