Cuttering Aids

Whether as sole solution or as a cutter-ready complete mixture of various REINERT ingredients: our cuttering agents secure your success in production.


Cuttering Agents



  • avoids the separation of jelly and fat
  • gives the mass a shiny look
  • for “bite” and “crunch”
  • extended freshness and shelf life

KUTTIN® SUPER is a cuttering agent and emulsifier for all boiled sausages, which supports the dwelling and dilution of muscle protein during the cuttering process and promotes the emulsifying and stabilisation of the fat.



REINOCUT® is a cutter-ready complete mix with various REINERT ingredients

  • improves the consistency
  • has a good abilities in binding and emulsifying
  • can easily be processed

Depending on the desired final product, various REINERT ingredients are needed. They can be arranged and packed cutter-ready. This allowes for a cheap purchase and smaller losses in smoking and boiling, because the optimal composition is always guaranteed. There are no additional costs as no extra work for the arrangement of the cutter batches is necessary. 


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