Taste Refiner



  • improves the flavour
  • allowes a lower salt dosage


and is suited for all sausages and canned meat products. SCHMAKIN® Produkte are various mixtures of taste enhancers, sugars, flavours and herbs. SCHMAKIN®  intensifies the typical individual taste, the salt taste is mildened.



    • improves the Reddening
    • intensifies the typical individual flavour
    • mildenes the salty taste


REINERTOSE® is a well-balanced sugar combination for meat and sausage products, fulfils important technological functions and contributes to the shelf life considerably. The special sugar combination moderates the salt content needed from technological reasons to a level that it is felt as pleasant. Furthermore, the generation of the colour is stabilised 


The Clean-Label-Products of the Reinert Gruppe for the  natural, intensive taste are free from:

  • GMO-ingredients to be declared in the label
  • seasoning (HVP)
  • E 621 MSG
  • yeast extrakt
  • spice extracts
  • flavours
  • palm fat

  • pdfsenglisch/RawcuredProducts.pdf


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