Functional Ingredients

No matter if meat and sausage products in the cooling shelf or ready meals: the production of foodstuffs of high quality which are in line with the market requirements needs special additives and their combinations today.


The REINERT Gruppe supplies selected ingredients for practically all product groups from fish to meat, finefood and vegetables to meet the requirements of today’s clients.


This is valid for single components as well as compounds that provide for seasoning and taste improvment in one application. Based on this „“kit“ we create the solution for your product innovation, too.  Ask us....!



Thanks our own research activity and considering the latest technological developments, we can offer the food industry always specialities in order to solve specific problems or for the manufacture of extraordinary products. more...

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Fresh Keeping Compounds


  • prolongs the freshness
  • avoids core reddening
  • intensifies colour and flavour
  • combats buckling of canned food

ANTIBAC® is a group of highly effective fresh keeping compounds for meat products and sausages. ANTIBAC® types are various blends of edible acids resp. their sodium salts. These products inhibit the growth of microbes, prolonging the shelf life and increasing the hygiene status. ANTIBAC® is particularly recommended for easily perishable products, i. e. non-cured frying sausage. Neither the consistency nor the binding of the sausage are affected, colour and flavour are even improved.

Reinofresh 100

Fresh keeping compound, E-number and allergen-free that allows you to prolong the shelf life of your meat and sausage products.

The goodies of the new Reinofresh 100:

  • prolongs the shelf life naturally
  • reduction of microbes growth
  • reduction of water activity
  • improved product texture
  • free from E-numbers and allergens

More details can be found in the attached product information.


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Maturing Agents for Meat and Fish Products

Whether for the traditional natural ripening or the modern fast ripening: REINERT offers for the modern sausage and fish production the suitable “specialists” and additives.


For Sausages



  • provides for quick cut resistance
  • achieves fast and stable reddening
  • guarantees for hygienically safe products
  • allows considerably shortened ripening time
  • refines flavour and taste


REINOFIX® RAPID is an universal fast-ripening agent for every kind of raw sausages. Fast ripened raw sausages make a considerable part of the total production of sliceable raw sausages in many countries. Whereas in former times the manufacture of fast ripened raw sausages often lead to unsatisfactory results, today improved ingredients resp. combinations and an exact management of the climatic ripening conditions allow a good and flawless result. The properties of REINOFIX® RAPID are indispensable to achieve that.



  • stabilises the ripening
  • refines flavour and taste
  • accelerates the reddening
  • achieves stable colour
  • reduces the production risk


REINOPUR® is an ingredient for naturally ripened raw sausages. Naturally, over a long period, fermented and dryed raw sausages count to the highest-grade meat products. Their manufacture needs a careful selection of raw materials, sophisticated know-how and particularly matched additives. Specific risks are: delayed and unsufficient reddening, no or reduced sliceability, errors in flavour and rancidity. REINOPUR® verifiably protects against these errors.


For Fish Products

As alternative for people with the focus on particularly healthy nutrition, fish is always highly appreciated. Make use of our lon term experience!


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Pickling (curing) aids




  • accelerates the cooking process
  • reduces the cooking loss
  • improves the cohesion of slices
  • enhances and stabilizes the color
  • prolongs freshness




SCHINKIN® SINE, ham injection agent for the safe production of all cooked cured products. SCHINKIN® SINE products are constantly evolved to keep up with the development of curing technology and the devices and machines used. This guarantees for the achievement of outstanding results when using SCHINKIN® SINE,


regardless the process technology.




  • provides intense and stable reddening
  • avoids maturing errors
  • provides longer shelf life
  • improves the consistency
  • gives a delicious ham flavour
  • eaqualizes varying meat quality


SCHINKIN® CUM is the universal ingredient for all raw cured products. Especially with this group, unsatisfactory or even defective products come up frequently. The cause is varying quality of the meat resp. limited possibilities to influence the curing and maturing process. You can avoid these problems thanks to SCHINKIN® CUM.




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Cuttering Aids

Whether as sole solution or as a cutter-ready complete mixture of various REINERT ingredients: our cuttering agents secure your success in production.


Cuttering Agents



  • avoids the separation of jelly and fat
  • gives the mass a shiny look
  • for “bite” and “crunch”
  • extended freshness and shelf life

KUTTIN® SUPER is a cuttering agent and emulsifier for all boiled sausages, which supports the dwelling and dilution of muscle protein during the cuttering process and promotes the emulsifying and stabilisation of the fat.



REINOCUT® is a cutter-ready complete mix with various REINERT ingredients

  • improves the consistency
  • has a good abilities in binding and emulsifying
  • can easily be processed

Depending on the desired final product, various REINERT ingredients are needed. They can be arranged and packed cutter-ready. This allowes for a cheap purchase and smaller losses in smoking and boiling, because the optimal composition is always guaranteed. There are no additional costs as no extra work for the arrangement of the cutter batches is necessary. 


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Reddening Agents

Today, attractive curing colours are an important quality indicator for all meat products. REINERT has approved natural ingredients for this purpose.



  • guarantees a sure and fast reddening
  • improves the colour stability
  • retards the spoilage of fat


RECORBIN®  is an universal reddening aid for meat products. The generation of curing colour due to the reddening of meat respectively blood is a complicated bio-chemical process.  In certain ph-ranges the curing resp. reddening is accelerated in the presence of reduced substances like ascorbic acid. This leads to a longer freshness, too. The respective RECORBIN®  types are adjusted to various products (thin calibre wieners/ frankfurters, raw cured products or salami) to produce a strong and stable curing colour.



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  • avoids decomposition of liver sausage before filling
  • avoids sedimentation of fat and jelly
  • makes liver sausage creamy
  • protects against discoloration of sausage in glass packing


EMULGIN®  is an emulsifier for all boiled and cooked sausages. Spreadable cooked sausages and pâtes are complexe multi-phases systems, which bind fat in form of oil-in-water emulsion, more or less heat-stable. EMULGIN® is capable to accumulate between water and fat and thanks to this, can improve the generation and stabilisation of emulsions. The various EMULGIN® types are modified to meet the different requirements of boiled and cooked sausage.


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Taste Refiner



  • improves the flavour
  • allowes a lower salt dosage


and is suited for all sausages and canned meat products. SCHMAKIN® Produkte are various mixtures of taste enhancers, sugars, flavours and herbs. SCHMAKIN®  intensifies the typical individual taste, the salt taste is mildened.



    • improves the Reddening
    • intensifies the typical individual flavour
    • mildenes the salty taste


REINERTOSE® is a well-balanced sugar combination for meat and sausage products, fulfils important technological functions and contributes to the shelf life considerably. The special sugar combination moderates the salt content needed from technological reasons to a level that it is felt as pleasant. Furthermore, the generation of the colour is stabilised 


The Clean-Label-Products of the Reinert Gruppe for the  natural, intensive taste are free from:

  • GMO-ingredients to be declared in the label
  • seasoning (HVP)
  • E 621 MSG
  • yeast extrakt
  • spice extracts
  • flavours
  • palm fat

  • pdfsenglisch/RawcuredProducts.pdf


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Thanks our own research activity and considering the latest technological developments, we can offer the food industry always specialities in order to solve specific problems or for the manufacture of extraordinary products.


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