Monzinger Gelatin: Quality starts with the Raw Materials

Monzinger Gelatin: Quality starts with the Raw Materials


MONZINGER GELATIN® is a pure natural product. It is exclusively made from pig skin sourced from healthy slaughtered animals from registered slaughterhouses, which have been found fit for human consumption by a veterinarian officer.

The procurement of raw materials is only based on valid legal regulations, which are also reflected in the REINERT raw materials standard.

This REINERT requirement is supervised and guaranteed by the incoming control of every single delivery, as well as by regulary audits at the suppliers, who must be registered according to the legal provisions for gelatin and it’s raw materials. This makes the raw materials subject to a complete safety and origin control which can be documented and verified at any time.

Our laboratory, equipped with the latest analytic devices, is responsible for the quality control of the end product and the supervision of the single production steps. The safety of our gelatin is warranted by the compliance to the directive (EEC) 853/2004. This directive lays down all aspects of the gelatin production, from the raw material to the despatch.

This comprises the origin of the raw materials, their transport and storage, the conditions of manufacture and chemical requirements on gelatin as well as on the packing or transport.


The micro-biological requirements are fixed in the directive EEC) 1441/2007.

In the production process, the valuable collagene protein is macerated by aid of acid. The material is mixed with water, extracted and demineralized in a multi-stage process. Then the solution is concentrated by evaporation, filtered and sterilized. Subsequent, the gelatin is dryed and grinded to the required mesh size. Most stringent laboratory controls guarantee for utmost safety and quality of our gelatin.

Gelatin is a pure and high-grade protein with high content of the amino acids glycine and proline, which are particularly necessary for the connective tissue and the growth and preservation of bones as well as for the function of joints.

Another important essential amino acid in gelatin is lysine (3,4 g per 100 g gelatin). Lysine plays an important role with the formation and protection of new tissue and with the growth of bones and cells.

MONZINGER GELATIN® is free from fat or carbohydrates, strenghtens the connective tissue, contributes to shiny hair and firm finger nails. It improves the hydration of skin and reduces the depth of wrinkles.


Chemical Composition of Gelatin

84 – 90% protein

1–2% mineral salts

The rest is water.

Gelatin does not contain neither preserving agents nor other additives. It is free from cholesterol and purines (uric acid) and has no allergic potential.

Comparisation of 3 of the 19 amino acids in gelatin with milk and bread

       Gelatin (100g)       Milk (100g)         Bread (100g)

Glycine   20.6 g            0.1 g               0.3 g

Proline   11.7 g            0.4 g               0.9 g

Lysine     3.4 g            0.3 g               0.2 g

Gelatin contains in average 84 - 90% pure protein. The amino acid values in the table were recalculated accordingly in order to allow a direct comparisation with milk and bread.

MONZINGER GELATIN® is available in numerous gel strenghts of 80 to 280 bloom (AOAC), in 25 kg bags, big-bags oder tank lorry. The standard granulation is 14 mesh   (ASTM), but can also selected coarser or finer.

Pharmaceutical gelatin must be in accordance with the stringent official provisions. Edible gelatin is also meeting these requirements and in addition is subject to the food laws.

MONZINGER GELATIN® offers nearly universal usage possibilities to the food industry. Based on the advantages as high-value, healthy natural product it was globally distributed. Please find here details on it’s nutritional properties




MONZINGER GELATIN® gives the necessary elasticity to sweets like jellybabies, licorice or marshmellows and provides for the creamy consistency, good frothing and stabilisation and the specific „bite“. The quality indicators of MONZINGER GELATIN®

  • as binding agent
  • as emulsyfyers
  • for gelification and frothing
  • for stabilisation of froth
  • for texture building


Dairy Products and Desserts

Euroean brands in the dairy industry benefit from MONZINGER GELATIN®. The range of various gelatin types from Monzingen offers ideal product properties 

  • with view to optimal texture
  • to avoid syneresis
  • to create a defined consistency
  • as protective colloide
  • to produce intermediate goods
  • to improve the melting characteristics and the spreadability


Confectionery Products

Well known confectioners and chocolate manufacturers are convinced by MONZINGER GELATIN®. It stabilises and jells very well

  • fillings
  • cream and cream preparations


Meat and Sausage Products

Such products profit from MONZINGER GELATINE® in

  • colour
  • flavour
  • taste


Here besides the neutral gelatin, also our spiced types and our dip mass for sausages on gelatin basis are utilized.


Fish and Deli food

MONZINGER GELATIN® protects pickles, meat or fish in aspic from dehydration and oxydation and finds multi-functional use in numerous products of notable players of the fish industry, especially in the production of aspic (glass clear and und fresh)



The beverage industry and wineries need MONZINGER GELATIN® among others for wine and juices to

  • develop the optical brilliance
  • remove unwanted turbidity
  • remove unwanted flavours



The pharmaceutical industry uses MONZINGER GELATIN®

  • as binding agent for tablets, pills
  • to protect ingredients and to make dragées shiny 

Diet/ light Food


  • improve the consistency for diet and light food



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