REINERT Products for boiled Sausages


What ever you are looking for in the Field of boiled Sausage Manufacture-

we surely have it!


Beyond the hereunder listed stardard products we are ready to develop taylored solutions for you – contact us!



Our Range for boiled Sausages:

Cuttering Agents

Taste Refiners

Fresh Keeping Agents

Binding Agents

Reddening Agents

Spices/ Mixes





Cuttering Agents



  • avoids the set-off of jelly and fat
  • gives the mass a shiny look
  • for “bite” and “crunch”
  • prolonged freshness and shelf life


KUTTIN® SUPER is a cuttering agent and emulsifyer for all boiled sausages, which supports the dwelling and dilution of muscle protein during the cuttering process and promotes the emulsifying and stabilisation of the fat.



Taste Enhancers/ Refiners



  • refines the taste
  • allows a lower salt dosage


and is suitable for all sausages and canned meat products. SCHMAKIN® types are various mixtures with taste enhancers, sugars, flavours, natural spices and herbs. SCHMAKIN® amplifies the typical taste and moderates the salty taste in the product.



  • moderates the salty taste
  • improves the reddening
  • enhances the typical flavour


REINERTOSE® is a well-balanced combination of sugars for meat proucts and sausages, besides this performs important technological tasks and contributes to the shelf life considerably.  The special sugar combination moderates the taste of the salt content which is needed due to technological reasons, to a level which is agreed as delicate. Furthermore, the generation of the curing colour is stabilised.


Fesh Keeping Agents



  • prolongs the freshness
  • avoids core reddening
  • intensifies colour and flavour
  • combats buckling of canned food


ANTIBAC® is a group of highly effective fresh keeping compounds for meat products and sausages. ANTIBAC® types are various blends of edible acids resp. their sodium salts. These products inhibit the growth of microbes, prolonging the shelf life and increasing the hygiene status. ANTIBAC® is particularly recommended for easily perishable products, i. e. non-cured frying sausage. Neither the consistency nor the binding of the sausage are affected, colour and flavour are even improved.



Binding Agents for improved Firmness of Mass:


Lupine protein

Citrus fibre

Pea protein

Pea fibre


Our consultants will be ready to explain the details.


Reddening Agents for boiled Sausage



  • guarantees a sure and fast reddening
  • improves the colour stability
  • retards the spoilage of fat


RECORBIN®  is an universal reddening aid for meat products. The generation of curing colour due to the reddening of meat resp. blood is a complicated bio-chemical process.  In certain ph-ranges the curing resp. reddening is accelerated in the presence of reduced substances like ascorbic acid. This leads to a longer freshness, too. The respective RECORBIN®  types are adjusted to various products (thin calibre wieners/ frankfurters, raw cured products or salami) to produce a strong and stable curing colour.

Spice Mixes and preparations for boiled Sausage

Besides our basic assortment of spices from the best areas in the world and our carefully composed spice mixes, we develop individual blends, taylored to your own needings.

REINOMIXES ® for boiled Sausage

REINOMIXES® are cutter-ready complete compounds with REINERT-additives and individually matched spices. The usually separate work operations – composition – weighing – mixing are already prepared for you. This saves your time and provides more safety by avoiding mixing errors.