REINERT Products for cooked Sausages

Our competence in effective additives for the manufacture of sausages is reflected by our extensive range of products for all kinds of cooked sausages, too.
Besides our productivity (Link) and the competence of our consultants, our success is mostly supported by the diversity of our range of products. What ever you will be searching, over here you surely will find!


Our Products for cooked Sausage at a Glance:

EMULGIN®     Emulsifiers
REINOVIT®     Blood brightening agent
BITTEREX®    Debittering agents for liver
RECORBIN ®   Reddening agent
SCHMAKIN ®, REINERTOSE®  Taste enhancer/ refiner
Spices/ spice mixes
REINOMIXE®    Cutter-ready compounds


• avoids decomposition of liver sausage before filling
• avoids sedimentation of fat and jelly
• makes liver sausage creamy
• protects against discoloration of sausage in glass packing

EMULGIN®  is an emulsifier for all boiled and cooked sausages. Spreadable cooked sausages and pâtes are complexe multi-phases systems, which bind fat in form of oil-in-water emulsion, more or less heat-stable. EMULGIN® is capable to accumulate between water and fat and thanks to this, can improve the generation and stabilisation of emulsions. The various EMULGIN®  types are modified to meet the different requirements of boiled and cooked sausage.

Here you find a table overview of our EMULGIN® types (Link 5.6)

Blood brightening Agent/ Debittering Agent

• improves and stabilises the colour treatment/ reddening of blood
• avoids the permeation of blood into the fat
• refines the taste

REINOVIT® is a blood brightening agent. It improves the reddening of blood by a lowering of the ph-value to a level which is optimal for this purpose.

• amplifies the fresh liver taste
• refines the flavour
• protects sausage against turning grey

BITTEREX is a debittering agent for fresh and frozen liver. It protects against bitter taste due to residues of bile in the tissue and in addition, intensifies the liver taste.

Product   Usage      Dosage in g
Blood Brightening/ Debittering

REINOVIT® Blood brightening agent for all kinds of boiled sausages, to avoid  coagulation of blood
5/ 1 kg blood and pork                                                  skin

BITTEREX®   Debittering agent for fresh or frozen liver, promotes the fresh liver taste, represses the not wanted bitterness of frozen liver
  1/ 1 kg Masse


Reddening Aid

• guarantees a sure and fast reddening
• improves the colour stability
• retards the spoilage of fat

RECORBIN®  is an universal reddening aid for meat products. The generation of curing colour due to the reddening of meat resp. blood is a complicated bio-chemical process.  In certain ph-ranges the curing resp. reddening is accelerated in the presence of reduced substances like ascorbic acid. This leads to a longer freshness,
too. The respective RECORBIN®  types are adjusted to various products (thin calibre wieners/ frankfurters, raw cured products or salami) to produce a strong and stable curing colour.
Here you find a table overview of our RECORBIN® types. (Link 5.5)

Taste enhancers/ refiners

• improves the taste
• allows a reduced salt dosage

and is suitable for all sausages and canned meat products. SCHMAKIN® types are various mixtures with taste enhancers, sugars, flavours, natural spices and herbs. SCHMAKIN®  amplifies the typical taste and moderates the salty taste in the product.

• moderates the salty taste
• improves the reddening
• enhances the typical flavour

REINERTOSE® is a well-balanced combination of sugars for meat proucts and sausages, besides this performs important technological tasks and contributes to the shelf life considerably.  The special sugar combination moderates the taste of the salt content which is needed due to technological reasons, to a level which is agreed as delicate. Furthermore, the generation of the curing colour is stabilised.