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Partner of the international Food Industry.


We are supporting our customers in the food industry actively with the production of high quality food and the elimination of failures and optimal cost management. 

Besides the quality of our products and the competence of our technologists, this is particularly the result of our wide spread range of products. Whatever you are looking for, with us you almost certainly will find it.


Should you, contrary to our expectations, not be able to find suitable Reinert products in first attempt, we could also develop individual products for you exclusively, which are tailored to match your needs.




REINERT Products for Meat Products and Convenience

REINERT Products for Meat Products

Only the reasonable combination of experience and know-how, streamlined process and machinery as well as raw materials and additives/ spices can create the meat products and specialities, which are successful in the market in the long run.



REINERT Products for Sausages

Wieners or Frankfurters, spicy Salami or delicious liver sausage are popular everywhere. And do not forget seasonal goods like fried sausage in summer. We know well the little and big secrets in the sausage production and have incorporated them in our products! more...


REINERT Products for Fish and Deli Food

Delicate smoked salmon, savoury matjes filets, shrimps in garlic oil or crispy green salad are favourites to lots of people. The rising demand made the shift from handicraft production to industrial scale necessary – without negative affects to the quality.

We offer you a wide range of products and solutions being in use with success since many years and developed according to technological and economical aspects.



REINERT Products for Salad and Vegetables

Keeping Salad and Vegetables crisply:

REINERT Products for Salad and Vegetables.



REINERT Products for Sweets and Dairy Products

As snack or as the final highlight of a dinner: delicious desserts and refreshing junkets and yoghurt, jellybabies and ice-cream are synonymous like joy of living and pleasure for many people. The Reinert Gruppe can offer high grade additives for those products, too, like the well-known MONZINGER GELATINE or various flavours. more...


REINERT Products for Aspic and Jellies

Aspics and jellies are strong in demand. Ham chunks, mushrooms and vegetables or fish are embedded in jelly and thus are protected from oxygene and dehydration.