REINERT Products for Sweets and Dairy Products

As snack or as the final highlight of a dinner: delicious desserts and refreshing junkets and yoghurt, jellybabies and ice-cream are synonymous like joy of living and pleasure for many people. The Reinert Gruppe can offer high grade additives for those products, too, like the well-known MONZINGER GELATINE or various flavours.



MONZINGER GELATIN® gives the necessary flexibility to confectionaries like jellybabies, licorice or marshmellows and the soft-creamy consistency, good foam-forming and the specific "bite". The high quality standard and characteristics of MONZINGER GELATIN® allow optimal usage

  • as binding agent
  • as emulsifier
  • for building of foam and jelly
  • for foam-stabilisation
  • for textures

For Bakery

Notable bakeries and chocolate manufacturers are firm believers in MONZINGER GELATIN®, as it stabilises and jellies eminently for use as/ in

  • stuffings/ fillings
  • whipped cream

Milk Products and Desserts

European brands in the dairy industry benefit from MONZINGER GELATIN®. The wide rangs of gelatin types from Monzingen offers ideal production properties

  • with view to optimal texture
  • to avoid syneresis
  • to create any desired consistency
  • as protective colloid
  • for intermediate products
  • for the improvment of melting behaviour and the spreading property

2. Heat- and freeze-stable flavours, especially suited for pastries

  • Alcamo-Lemón (lemon)
  • Port Louis (vanilla)
  • Kingston (with genuine Jamaica-Rum)    

3. Well rounded flavours, for desserts, milk shakes and ice cream

  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate