REINERT Products for Aspic and Jellies

Aspics and jellies are strong in demand. Ham chunks, mushrooms and vegetables or fish are embedded in jelly and thus are protected from oxygene and dehydration.
These products are a delicate and slimline alternative to other kinds of sausages and are fully in vogue for health-conscious nutrition.


Meat Products and Sausage benefit from MONZINGER GELATIN® by

  • improved colour
  • better taste
  • more attractive flavour

Besides the neutral gelatin, also our spiced types and our gelatin-based dip mass for sausage are used.


MONZINGER GELATIN® protects fish and deli food products from oxygene and dehydration and finds multi-functional application in numerous products of well-known companies in the field of fish and deli food, most particular with the production of

Jellies and aspic (crystal clear and fresh)


Taste Refiners



  • improves the taste
  • allows a reduced salt dosage

and is suitable for all sausages and canned meat products. SCHMAKIN® types are various mixtures with taste enhancers, sugars, flavours, natural spices and herbs. SCHMAKIN® enhances the typical taste and moderates the salty taste in the product.



  • moderates the salty taste
  • improves the reddening
  • enhances the typical flavour


REINERTOSE® is a well-balanced combination of sugars for meat proucts and sausages, besides this performs important technological tasks and contributes to the shelf life considerably.  The special sugar combination moderates the taste of the salt content which is needed due to technological reasons, to a level which is agreed as delicate. Furthermore, the generation of the curing colour is stabilised.                                                    



Taste refiner for all sausages and canned meat products, intensifies and guarantees the full flavour even at high sterilisation temperatures                                                                                                    

SCHMAKIN® PLUS           

Taste refiner with fine herbs flavour for all sausages and canned meat products, gives a full-flavoured and delicate taste.


Alcamo-Lemón (Lemon Flavour) is another article in the REINERT range of products. This high grade flavour gives a fresh lemon taste to the aspic.