The demand in finished and flexibly dosageable products in the field of food stuffs for the industry and catering has expanded continously. Convenience-food products are indispensable today.


The REINERT Gruppe develops and supplies special preparations which can easily be finished to seasoned marinades for barbecue-assortments. Your advantages are:

* easy to manufacture with water and oil

* small dosage (114 g Reinomix make 500 g marinade - new recipe)

* simple dosage

* optimal shelf life

* better frying

* no syneresis

* no loss of marinade during barbecueing



The 12 REINERT flavour experiences for the barbecue season: Reinomix 34 (complete compounds) in the taste directions

  • Provencale
  • Asia
  • Kräuter-Knoblauch (herbs-garlic)
  • Paprika-Traum
  • HotTexas
  • Bärlauch (ramson)
  • Curry Pikant
  • Grill-Meister (barbecue master)
  • Gyros-Cajun
  • Italia
  • Mexico
  • Spareribs with honey


Our Avantin series offers classics of the „haute cuisine“ as prepared compounds, which are to be finished with water and cream:

  • Parmesan Sauce
  • Nudelauflauf (pasta bake)
  • Gorgonzola Sauce
  • Gouda Sauce
  • Emmentaler Sauce
  • Mascarpone Sauce
  • Bolognese Sauce


More complete preparations for sauces are:

  • Döner-Dressing Knoblauch (dressing with garlic for doner kebab)
  • Döner-Dressing Chillie (hot dressing with chillie for doner kebab)
  • Döner-Dressing f. Geflügel (dressing for poultry doner kebab)
  • Döner-Dressing Dill (dressing with dill for doner kebab)
  • Döner-Dressing Kräuter (dressing with herbs for doner kebab)
  • Sahne Sauce Carbonara (for Italian carbonara style sauces)
  • Pilzsauce „al Funghi“ (mushroom sauce)
  • Käsesauce “Parmigiana” (cheese sause)
  • Tomaten-Kräutersauce (tomato-herbs sauce)


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