Spice and spice mixes for Sausages, Fish and Deli Food resp. Convenience Food Products

Our landmark are the requirements of our customers for whose we develop individual blends as well. The quality of high grade products needs well-selected spices. Our spices are choiced and sourced from the best areas in the world and are processed by a gentle technology – for the best possible flavour intensity and a stable high quality.

This is completed by flavours which add „the certain something“ to food products.

Find your selection from the following product groups:



Spice Mixes and Preparations for Meat- and Sausage Products

Hardly any other Producer offers you such a comprehensive Programme of high-grade Spice Mixes around the Manufacture of Meat Products and Sausages.


Spices/ Blends for Fish Products and Deli/ Finefood

To make fish not only a healthy but also very tasty food, we create for you well-balanced seasonings and spice mixes. Benefit from our longtime experience! more...


The demand in finished and flexibly dosageable products in the field of food stuffs for the industry and catering has expanded continously. Convenience-food products are indispensable today.


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