REINERT Products for Meat Products and Convenience


Only the reasonable combination of experience and know-how, streamlined process and machinery as well as raw materials and additives/ spices can create the meat products and specialities, which are successful in the market in the long run.


For classical products like cooked and raw ham and the growing range of new consumable meat products in vogue, like Gyros or Doner Kebab, we offer you additives, injection agents, taste enhancers and spice extracts – well matched and at one-stop.

As follows you have the opportunity to search a Reinert product to match your needs. Please click on your final product link and you will instantly be moved to our according selection.


REINERT Products for cooked cured Products

SCHINKIN® SINE: ham injection agents for the safe production of all kinds of cooked cured products.

SCHINKIN® PERFEKT: ham injection agents for the safe production of all kinds of cooked cured products, with phosphates and/ or protein. more...

REINERT Products for raw cured Products

SCHINKIN® CUM is the universal functional additive for all raw cured products. more...

REINERT Products for prepared Meat Products and Convenience Food

The consumers are asking for more and more fast food and convenience food products, which are ready for consumption instantly or with only little effort. A considerable part of the food industry and catering provides products and service to satisfy this demand. more...